Best of 2009... waiting

It takes me a couple months to get settled into a new year. It also takes me a couple years to get settled into a new decade. I didn't figure out it was the 80s until about 1983. I think I was a little more aware of the 90s and was wearing plaid flannel and All-Stars by the rainy summer of 1991. I'm still waiting to grasp the particular zeitgeist of the naughties, but when I do, I'm guessing it'll start in 2002 or so. That's also the year I left the city for Vermont and kinda got my act together as an adult.

So it's 2009. When I came up with my Best Singles of 2008 list, the 3 acts that were obvious from almost the very first listen were Cut Copy, Vampire Weekend and MGMT. Looking back at my handy playlists, I find that I was already in love with Cut Copy by mid-April 2008. I had devoted myself to MGMT and Vampire Weekend by June. So I'm wonderin', who is the Cut Copy of 2009? I guess this is kind of a teaser post because I really don't know yet. This year's music still has to grow on me, but I have hope. I keep an eye on Better Propaganda and My Old Kentucky Blog. I also like gorilla vs. bear and The Yellow Stereo and Largehearted Boy. And a helpful friend reminded me to check out the SXSW lineup. I'm feeling that 2009 is going to gel for me soon, and then I'll be reeling off the recommendations like I always knew whazzup.

Here's the playlist from last week's Beef Jerky Time, 3*25*09:


Matt DeBlass said...

Warning: Totally random comment from a former Bratt resident.

I came across an old issue of Discontent while cleaning, and a bit of the ol' Google searching led me here.

I just wanted to say hello.

I should have my DSL line set up by the end of the week (long story) and I'll be sure to give the radio station a listen. I find myself missing Brattleboro during the warm parts of the year.

"Prof. Kitty" said...

Good to hear from you Matt! I see you posting on Princess W's FB page now and then. Hope you do get to listen in maybe! Bratt is lovely now that it's spring. You are totally right not to miss it from say, November to March. Hope that you're well.