Summer solstice celebration, Makin' Candy setlist 6/21/05

A celebration of all things summer--the apex of the year, the solstice, the day that's light longest. Unfortunately dark took over within hours after this show, when the FCC raided and muzzled our little community radio station in the early hours of 6/22/05. Check out postings, interviews and opinions at for more. But for now, summer tunes!!!! (Also a small tribute set to the full moon, also to-nite.)

  • Cruel Summer: Bananarama
  • Summerfling: kd lang
  • Just Because I Liked You in the Summertime: Benett
  • Summer Breeze: Seals & Crofts
  • Voila l'Eté: Les Negresses Vertes
  • Girl: Beck
  • Children of Summer: Color Filter
  • Long Hot Summer Night: Jimi Hendrix
  • Too Hot to Stop: Bar-Kays
  • Summer Nights: Travolta & Newton-John (Grease s/t)
  • Suddenly Last Summer: The Motels
  • Summer '68: Pink Floyd
  • The Boys of Summer: Don Henley
  • Summer of 69: Bryan Adams
  • Fun, Fun, Fun: Beach Boys
  • Clouds of Summer: Color Filter remixed by Varsity KM
  • Moonglow: Benny Goodman
  • Moonlight Serenade: Glenn Miller
  • Old Devil Moon: Frank Sinatra
  • Something Wonderful Happens in Summer: Frank Sinatra
  • Green Leaves of Summer: Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass
  • Summer, concerto in G minor, op. 2: Vivaldi (the 4 Seasons)

6/21/1791, the flight to Varennes

I remembered this story during a very pleasant country-side bike-ride yesterday evening. 214 years ago, Louis XVI and his misguided Queen Marie Antoinette decided that the longest day of the year would be a good time to try to escape unnoticed from Paris and travel 200 miles by coach toward the French border. Unfortunately, they were recognized along the way and captured in the town of Varennes. The ill-conceived "Flight to Varennes" pretty much sealed the fate of the king & his family (they were guillotined in 1793 after being incarcerated and "tried" following their capture). I get much of my recollection of this tale from an excellent book called The Fatal Friendship: Marie Antoinette, Count Fersen and the Flight to Varennes, by Stanley Loomis, published by Doubleday in 1972. Also a few things online refreshed my memory:

  1. from "The History Guide," an extract from Louis XVI's "Declaration of the King Addressed to All the French About His Flight from Paris"

  2. Also from "The History Guide," the "flight" described in context of the revolution

  3. excerpt from 1911 Encyclopedia Britannica

And I want to finally find a copy of a movie made in 1982 called "La Nuit de Varennes," in which Marcello Mastroianni plays Casanova in a coach also heading toward Varennes. C'mon Netflix!

Makin' Candy setlist, 6/14/05

Another dose of aural sugar:

  • hommage: Les Frères Checkolades
  • Grounded (Crooked Rain Version): Pavement
  • Cool It Now: New Edition
  • Midnight at the Underground: Baskervilles
  • Way Too Good: Figurine
  • Mad Dog 20/20: Teenage Fanclub
  • Disenchanted: Communards
  • Charade: Oranj Symphonette
  • My Bag: Lloyd Cole
  • Totgeredet: Mondfahre
  • Let's Go All the Way: Sly Fox
  • Noise is a Social Skill (v.0.8): Sweet Trip
  • Me Gustas Tu: Manu Chao
  • Como Campana: Superaquello
  • Rockit: Herbie Hancock
  • Rasputin: Boney M
  • Face to Face: Daft Punk
  • Know Your Rights: The Clash
  • Fame: David Bowie
  • Let's Go: Los Lobos
  • You Just Haven't Earned it Yet, Baby: The Smiths
  • Working in a Coal Mine: Devo
  • Maneater: Cathode
  • Pretty as You Feel: Jefferson Airplane
  • Travelin' Light: Shirley Horn
  • Nhimutimu (Zimbabwean mbira music)

Makin' Candy setlist, 6/7/05

Thanks for checkin' in on this week's show. I'm enjoying the way things can just come together spontaneously during the show, without too much advance planning, and definitely with the help of the fine and bizarre collection of music here at the station. Some of this stuff I know really well, some I've never heard before. It all rocks sweet.

  • Heavy Metal Drummer: Wilco
  • Pow: Beastie Boys
  • Little Miss Strange: Jimi Hendrix
  • Always Something There to Remind Me: Naked Eyes
  • African: Peter Tosh
  • Buana Juju: Love Whip
  • The Forest: The Cure
  • Low Rider: War
  • She Blinded Me with Science: Thomas Dolby
  • Gimme Danger: Iggy & the Stooges
  • Build Me Up Buttercup: The Foundations
  • Deliver: Material
  • Broken Up A-Ding-Dong: Beta Band
  • My City Was Gone: The Pretenders
  • High Horse: Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
  • Through Being Cool: Devo
  • King of the Bongo: Manu Chao
  • Pass the Dutchie: Musical Youth
  • Crazy 'Bout an Automobile (Every Woman I Know): Ry Cooder
  • Spirits in the Material World: The Police
  • One Man's Ceiling is Another Man's Floor: Paul Simon
  • Once Upon a Time: Simple Minds
  • The Robin: Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass
  • Disrobe: Medeski Martin & Wood (End of Violence s/t)
  • V-A-C-A-N-T: Draco
  • Please Send Me Someone to Love: Joe Williams
  • All for You: Nat King Cole Trio
  • Time on My Hands: Ben Webster Quintet
  • La Bayamesa: Buena Vista Social Club s/t

Makin' Candy on the last day of May

This show set up in blocks of 3, just for the pleasure.

  • 1. Secret Separation, 2. Saved By Zero, 3. Less Cities, More Moving People: The Fixx
  • 1. The Theme to the Gary Newman Show, 2. Lollipop Failure, 3. Maybe, I Don't Know: The Elevator Drops
  • 1. Mandalay Cow, 2. Viva La Muerte, 3. Las Estridentistas: Maria Napoleon
  • 1. On My Radio, 2. Too Much Pressure, 3. The Selecter: The Selecter
  • 1. On Peak Hill (Live), 2. Reunion, 3. The Comeback: Stars
  • 1. Armageddon Days (Are Here Again), 2. Dogs of Lust, 3. I've Been Waitin' for Tomorrow (All of My Life): The The
  • 1. Work to Make it Work, 2. Discipline of Love, 3. What's It Take: Robert Palmer
  • 1. Anticipate, 2. Out of Range (live), 3. Bliss like this: Ani DiFranco
  • 1. Kaini Industries, 2. The Smallest Weird Number, 3. Roygbiv: Boards of Canada
  • 1. One O'Clock Jump, 2. Ida, Sweet as Apple Cider, 3. Too Good to Be True (with Helen Ward, vocal): The Benny Goodman Orchestra, Quartet & Trio, respectively.