Makin' Candy setlist, 10/19/04

A sweet & sticky revue of indie/oldie favorites from Makin' Candy this week.

  • Pasttime with Good Company (originally Henry VIII): Super Madrigal Brothers
  • American Flag: Cat Power
  • What Are You Wearing: Kahimi Karie
  • Strawberryfire: Apples in Stereo
  • This Night Has Opened my Eyes (originally The Smiths): Pipas
  • Educated guess: Ani diFranco
  • Ritual: Charming
  • Terror: The Stockholm Monsters
  • Apple Scruffs: George Harrison
  • Thinking of You: Dr. Frank
  • Wait for Me (Please): Kleenex Girl Wonder
  • Roller King: The California Oranges
  • Wild Bill Jones: Bad Livers
  • The dissenters have risen: The Cannanes with Steward
  • Mood Elevator: Lu
  • Blue & Beautiful: Modesty Blaise
  • The Eve of Destruction: Al Bruno aka Buzzo (see also Rudy Rucker's 10/19/04 weblog for more)
  • The Vanishing: Stars
  • Planeta Engraja: Lineland
  • I Wish You'd Stay: Club 8
  • New Mate: Figurine
  • Bubblegum popgirl: The Cherry Orchard
  • St. Elmo's Fire: Uilab
  • No Op: Isan
  • Brazil: Cornelius
  • Invincible: Holiday Flyer
  • Tonka Truck remix: Kevin & Paul
  • 1987: Fingernail
  • Zefiro torna: Monteverdi

Your website, madame

I've been going through a little Madame de Pompadour obsession lately (I know, who hasn't?) and was toying with the idea of recreating some denominator of a 44-course meal she hosted on November 4, 1747. Since I didn't have my Nancy Mitford biography on me, I tried finding the menu online. Thanks to Google I not only found it (in French & Italian), but there is an entire Madame de Pompadour website to play with. There goes my lunch hour--huzzah!

With an old fashioned hug, Prof. K.

Lunchtime flu thoughts

Since herbalism and conspiracy theory are a big part of my family life, here are my thoughts on the flu shot shortage this year.

It seems to me like a really crazy ad-campaign: "These are great, get them every year... oh wait, never mind." I only started hearing about flu shots 6 years ago, and was surprised that grown adults were encouraged to get shots at their local drug store on an annual basis. Sounded like a scam to me... much like the theory that putting fluoride in drinking water is a handy way to get rid of fluoride, actually a toxic substance. But with shots, people actually have the stuff injected voluntarily! What is it exactly? Concocted from strains of last year's defunct flu? Then this year, with flu shots limited, the CDC is trying to assure the same flu-shot-happy masses that only "high risk" people need the shots. But it's too damn late, we're trained to get the shots every year and begorrah, we're going to get them! So what if I'm over 2!

Here's where herbalism comes in. Nature has already made a powerful and tasty flu-fighter, called the elderberry. Ask your local herbalist or health-food store about elderberry and give yourself a break from shots. Heck, someone told me the FDA is thinking of regulating elderberry, so that means it must be good.

David Crosby puts it nicely:
Say, can I have some of your purple berries

Yes, I've been eating them for six or seven weeks now
Haven't got sick once
Prob'ly keep us both alive

Makin' Candy setlist, 10/12/04

This week was 774 years of human song--voice music going backward in time from 2004 to 1230. The Time Machine edition!

  • Tiny Apocalypse: David Byrne 2004
  • Soma: The Strokes 2001
  • Perfect Time: Archers of Loaf 1998
  • Maybe, I Don't Know: The Elevator Drops 1997
  • Power of Equality: Red Hot Chili Peppers 1991
  • Secret Separation: The Fixx 1986
  • You Spin Me Round (Like a Record): Dead or Alive 1985
  • Take On Me: a-ha 1985
  • Love Will Tear Us Apart: Joy Division 1980
  • London Girl: The Jam 1977
  • Barracuda: Heart 1977
  • 1977: The Clash 1977
  • Some Kinda Love: Velvet Underground 1969
  • Stephanie Knows Who: Love 1967
  • It's No Secret: Jefferson Airplane 1966
  • The Getaway and the Chase: Anita O'Day 1956
  • I Don't Mind: Hadda Brooks 1953
  • Steppin' Out with My Baby: Fred Astaire 1952
  • Prisoner of Love: Lena Horne with Teddy Wilson & his Orchestra 1941
  • Quando m'en vo (from La Bohème): Puccini 1896
  • Un di felice eterea (from La Traviata): Verdi 1853
  • Sorrow's Tear: Stephen Jenks 1805
  • Der Hölle Rache (from The Magic Flute): Mozart 1791
  • Ma heureuse Iphigenie (from Iphigenie en Tauride): Gluck 1779
  • I'm Sick of Life: Henry Purcell lived 1659-1695
  • Tornate o cari baci: Claudio Monteverdi 1619
  • Awake, sweet love, thou art returned: John Dowland 1597
  • A Robyn: William Cornysh c. 1500-1550
  • Que vous madame: Josquin des Prez lived 1440-1521
  • excerpt from The Play of Daniel: manuscript from 1230

Makin' Candy setlist, 10/5/04

Tune into Makin' Candy every Tuesday night from 10pm to midnight! Here's what played this week--it was mainly a "wax from the stacks" show centering heavily on LPs from the Chelsea House Folklore Center Collection (click here for brief history).

  • Pachysandra/Sunday Driver: Gordon Stone Band
  • Maple Leaf Rag: Scott Joplin (Joshua Rifkin, piano)
  • Bonny Lass of Anglesey: Martin Carthy
  • Saint Behind the Glass: Los Lobos
  • I'm goin' to Take You Fishin': Dice
  • Old Joe: The Early Minstrel Show
  • Davy Green: The Ivy Ross Experiment
  • Coal Tattoo: Guy & Candie Caravan
  • Misty Moisty Morning: Steeleye Span
  • Ease the Pain: Mr. Love [from "Only in America," an Arf! Arf! compilation]
  • Down the Valley: Sparky Rucker
  • Salty Dog: Pinnacle Mountain Boys
  • Cold Sailor: Arwen Mountain
  • Must've Been High: Supersuckers
  • Cigarettes, Whisky and Wild Women: Sons of the Pioneers
  • Don't Let Your Deal Go Down: Barbara Carns
  • Tennessee Border: Red Foley
  • Liberty: Jay Round and the Williams Family
  • Batik: Gordon Stone Band
  • Face Up: Jimmy Ryan
  • Simply a Road Song: Jim Ransom
  • Everybody Knows this is Nowhere: Neil Young with Crazy Horse
  • Homemade Music: Bob Gibson and Hamilton Camp
  • Did You Hear John Hurt?: Tom Paxton
  • The Young Man Who Wouldn't Hoe Corn: Burt Porter
  • Logie O'Buchan: Burt Porter (fretless banjo) & Sandy Kepler (guitar)
  • Happy Song #1: Pete Swinnerton (from an LP called "Folk Songs from the Red Herring Coffee House, Urbana, IL")
  • Barbara Allen: Mitzie Collins
  • Fantasia on Nonesuch: Mitzie Collins (both these from a 1976 recording on Sampler Records)
  • Woodsman's Alphabet: Sara Cleveland
  • Shady Grove: Garcia, Grisman & Rice (from "The Pizza Tapes")
  • Dust: Gene Autry

This blog hurts me

Ok, yes. Was feeling very chipper about this project several hours ago when I started wrestling with it. My patience has sadly worn thin. I'll start with some dope links, yo:

radio free brattleboro
darla records
national novel writing month