DVD me please!

5 movies that should be released on DVD ASAP... with lots of special features of course!

  1. Comfort and Joy (1984) Bill "Local Hero" Forsythe's ode to the post-break-up funk, ice cream trucks and organized crime. The "Mr. Bunny" van has a super-catchy little song it tinkles out while wheeling around desolate Glasgow 'burbs. Plus Mark Knopfler is involved.
  2. Cold Lazarus (1996) Dennis "The Singing Detective" Potter's last work was this twisted futuristic story involving the frozen head of the guy from his second-to-last work ("Karaoke"). The head is played by Albert Finney; Ciaran Hinds also stars.
  3. Artists and Models (1955) Martin & Lewis along with Shirley Maclaine, Eva Gabor & Anita Ekberg. But I've never seen it! I really want to!
  4. Tilt (1979) Brooke Shields plays the eponymous pinball wizardess. Totally cheesy. And cheesiness is great!
  5. Born to Dance (1936) If you think Jimmy Stewart's role in "Ziegfeld Girl" was OK, check out this musical, where he actually sings! Yes, I know the singing Jimmy Stewart is one of my personal obsessions that I carry on about. But it's freakin' bizarre and a must-see. Sing for me, Jimmy. (Oh yeah, Una Merkel is in it too, another of my favorite not-so-famous actors. This list also includes Edward Everett Horton, Eric Blore, Vera-Ellen and Mildred Natwick.)

Week by week, baby

Crocus Chorus

Every wonder what goes on in a pregnant lady's belly every week for 9 months? I've found some helpful websites that give this info. The fact that they tend to repeat information is somehow heartening--like there's some sort of plan or logical progression goin' on!

I don't quite understand the "9 months" thing actually. If pregnacy is 40 weeks long, and a month is 4 weeks long, isn't that 10 months? Or do they mean "9 complete months, starting on 10 when you're done"? Or is a month actually a little bit more than 4 weeks--about 30-odd days to be exact? Well whatever. That's why counting by weeks seems more sensible.

Happy Spring, peeps.

Was A Sunny Day

The cats are playing in the sun-kissed cardboard boxes that clutter this room. Yesterday was the first WARM day this year. I am so excited about spring I've started uploading snaps to Flickr. Here's a trillium I discovered last April growing by the side of the road. (Photos in my blog, whoa!):

Trillium plus barbed wire

I'm off for some lunch now. I'm thinking maybe a chicken gyro. Or a kibbee wrap.