It's Almost February

Brrrr. But that means it's almost spring. It's almost Imbolc. Growing things are starting to work it out underground, move things around, layer on those cells. So spring is right around the corner. Just a few Noreasters and Alberta Clippers need to beat us down first.

Beef Jerky Time playlist, from 1/23/08 show:
  • Busted Bicycle: Leo Kottke
  • Warm Tears: Alsace
  • Toxic Holiday: Stars
  • Reasons to Be Cheerful, Pt 3: Ian Dury & the Blockheads
  • Sénégal Fast Food: Amadou & Mariam
  • My Punishment for Fighting: The Rosebuds
  • Fancy Dancer: The Commodores
  • Rock Number One: Cassius
  • I Believe in You: Cat Power
  • Sing Me Spanish Techno: The New Pornographers
  • 6/21/00: Memphis
  • Father & Daughter: Paul Simon
  • Peach, Plum, Pear: Joanna Newsom
  • Ennui: Canon Blue

Ever greener

My family has been recycling for as long as I can remember--even back when we had to haul our glass bottles to the garage where they parked the town school buses and sort by color into big smelly cardboard barrels. Then, we got a wood stove to cut down on oil use and stopped heating most of the house in the wintertime. There are many stories and writings about how our family wore hats and mittens to dinner and to bed as we tried to live more sustainably (and yeah, cheaply).

Now that I'm a grown-up lady with my own household, how am I perpetuating this tradition? Apparently having good intentions and a history of enviro-friendly behavior doesn't equal any actual savings. It's like regular exercise--you can't just do it a few years ago and expect it to stick. I'm finding I've gotta keep being green every single day, and keep thinking of more ways to reduce, reuse and recycle. Not just because I am a hippie do-gooder, but because it might actually save me some time and money in the long run. Here are a few examples of what I'm doing now.
  • We are rocking the CFL bulbs in most outlets. We proudly explain that our 6-bulb array around the bathroom mirror uses a mere 66 watts. Also I love our 2 "post"-shaped porch lights.
  • We bought a 3-bag caddy for recycling from Winterset Designs. One for paper, one for redeemables, one for recycling.
  • We got some energy efficient appliances, which I really love. Energy Star even gives (small) rebates!
  • We compost. I have kind of a grey thumb, but we're stocking up our mulch and looking forward to a real garden this year. My gardening model is Goldberry from The Fellowship of the Ring. Yes I am a complete dork.

Still to do:
  • Insulate to not waste so much foreign-oil heat.
  • Whatever other crazy measures become necessary as the apocalypse slowly makes itself known. Hey, I don't think apocalypse is a bad word by the way. People get so sensitive! It might be a good thing for us to learn how to deal without an infrastructure... or government... whatnot.

Beef Jerky Time playlist from January 16, 2008.

Excited by new music

Beef Jerky Time playlist from 1/9/08. Love you, audience. Love you, cable internet.
  • Police Woman theme
  • In Transit: Albert Hammond Jr.
  • Shine a Light: Wolf Parade
  • Do You Know How to Feel: The Bell
  • Western Avenue: Plane
  • Kids Are Getting Younger: Benoit Pioulard
  • Enola Gay: Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark
  • Peacebone: Animal Collective
  • No Melody: Kleenex Girl Wonder
  • The Underdog: Spoon
  • From Nothing to Nowhere: Pinback
  • Runnin'from No Place to Nowhere: Tiffany Anders
  • You Name It: Cannanes w. Explosion Robinson
  • 2080: Yeasayer
  • Terror: The Stockholm Monsters

How refreshing

a brand new year is! Starting things right! All slates clean! Beef Jerky Time was kinda mellow this time (1/2/08).
  • Cagney & Lacey theme
  • Senor Blues: Horace Silver
  • New York on Sunday: Shirley Horn
  • When You're Smiling: Hot Lips Page
  • Sonnet for Sister Kate: Duke Ellington & his Orchestra
  • Somewhere in That Direction: Hadda Brooks
  • Jump Back: Hadda Brooks
  • Florida Stomp: Roy Eldridge
  • O.G.D. (aka "Road Song"): Jimmy Smith & Wes Montgomery
  • Song with Orange: Charles Mingus
  • Doing the Gorgonzola: Danny Polo & his Song Stars
  • Charade: Harry Connick Jr.
  • Rosetta: Teddy Wilson & his Orchestra
  • I'm Beginning to See the Light: Ella & Count
  • Disorder at the Border: Coleman Hawkins
  • Squatty Roo: Johnny Hodges
  • Voce (You): Joe Pass & Paulinho Costa

Be It Resolved That

in 2008 I will try to:
  • play with the cats more (or once, even)
  • learn how to work the eBay
  • be less stressed by Netflix
  • not watch cable much
  • make homebrew at least once
  • eat fruit daily
  • drink more water on weekends
  • "be good."

Wish me luck! Happy New Year!

12/27/07 playlist: last Beef Jerky Time of the year
  • Pastime with Good Company: Shakestation
  • Broken Magic: Pete Brown & Piblokto
  • On the Radio: Regina Spektor
  • The Friend I Once Had: Club 8
  • Dyin' to Live: Outkast
  • Caught: Anna Domino
  • Le Soleil: Brigitte Bardot
  • Take My Time: Junior Senior
  • Bottle of Wine: Derek and the Dominos
  • Best Kept Secret: Shoestrings
  • Comeback (Light Therapy): Josh Rouse
  • Burning: Alsace
  • Des Cartes: Brideshead
  • Fabie 1, 2, 3 (beat it): Takako Minekawa
  • Let Me Be the One in Your Dreams: Celeste