Be It Resolved That

in 2008 I will try to:
  • play with the cats more (or once, even)
  • learn how to work the eBay
  • be less stressed by Netflix
  • not watch cable much
  • make homebrew at least once
  • eat fruit daily
  • drink more water on weekends
  • "be good."

Wish me luck! Happy New Year!

12/27/07 playlist: last Beef Jerky Time of the year
  • Pastime with Good Company: Shakestation
  • Broken Magic: Pete Brown & Piblokto
  • On the Radio: Regina Spektor
  • The Friend I Once Had: Club 8
  • Dyin' to Live: Outkast
  • Caught: Anna Domino
  • Le Soleil: Brigitte Bardot
  • Take My Time: Junior Senior
  • Bottle of Wine: Derek and the Dominos
  • Best Kept Secret: Shoestrings
  • Comeback (Light Therapy): Josh Rouse
  • Burning: Alsace
  • Des Cartes: Brideshead
  • Fabie 1, 2, 3 (beat it): Takako Minekawa
  • Let Me Be the One in Your Dreams: Celeste

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