Excited by new music

Beef Jerky Time playlist from 1/9/08. Love you, audience. Love you, cable internet.
  • Police Woman theme
  • In Transit: Albert Hammond Jr.
  • Shine a Light: Wolf Parade
  • Do You Know How to Feel: The Bell
  • Western Avenue: Plane
  • Kids Are Getting Younger: Benoit Pioulard
  • Enola Gay: Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark
  • Peacebone: Animal Collective
  • No Melody: Kleenex Girl Wonder
  • The Underdog: Spoon
  • From Nothing to Nowhere: Pinback
  • Runnin'from No Place to Nowhere: Tiffany Anders
  • You Name It: Cannanes w. Explosion Robinson
  • 2080: Yeasayer
  • Terror: The Stockholm Monsters

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