Strawberry Season

Q: So what's been going on, Professor Kitty?

A: It's strawberry time and my goal is to eat strawberries every single day until they're gone. Every year I'm surprised by how early and how short strawberry season is. There is nothing so delicious as a fresh strawberry. Frozen or dried or jammed or jellied strawberries are NASTY and I refuse to eat them. But give me the fresh ones and I'll finish them by the quart. My daddy used to tell a story about a kid who got hives from strawberries, but said "I'm eating them anyway. They're that good."

I mostly have my strawberries sliced onto cereal. I've been drinking a lot of goat milk lately. (Maybe I like it cuz I'm a Capricorn?) It apparently has good calcium availability and is recommended by Susun Weed, so it must be good, mehhhh?

Also I just realized my 2 favorite breakfast cereals are made by the same company, Arrowhead Mills. I have a long-time aversion to sweetened cereal, and they make nice, bland crunchy things like amaranth flakes and Nature O's. Oh, O's!!

Q: What are your favorite blogs of late?

A: Kate Bingaman's obsessive consumption. A cool art prof down south, she draws things she's purchased lately and posts the drawings online with explanations. It's a lot cooler than that actually--check it out!

Martinis at 8: Blog of a Dallas/Ft Worth events planner reads like it was written by a 5th Sex & the City lady. Vicarious cocktail thrills!

Q: Anything to add?
A: I've been wanting to take photos of some local strawberries and put them up with this post, but I haven't gotten around to it. Instead of stalling further, I'm posting anyway. Livin' on the edge today.

It rained on my parade!

But it was fun anyway. Click here to see my "Parade" photo set on Flickr, including 12 shots of the glorious annual Strolling of the Heifers in Brattleboro, Vermont last Saturday (6/3/06). Dairy was consumed in great quantities afterward in the form of free samples from various vendors. (I liked the water buffalo yogurt especially!)

NOFA-VT in the parade