Baby Animal Day

My crazy dream: to move from "passively surviving winter" to "actively enjoying spring."
(Look at that "r" by the way! And that "et" in the ampersand!)

What better way to roar into spring than by attending Baby Animal Day at Billings Farm & Museum? Although its location in Woodstock, Vermont, is over 90 minutes from our house, it all turned out OK. (Spoiler: packing a picnic was a good idea.)

This little lamb in the sunshine inspired many visitor comments.
It is the day before Easter after all.

Sheep may safely graze

Mommy cows chillin. We learned that 2/3 of cows at the farm are
pregnant at any given time. It keeps them giving milk.

Older calves having a hay snack.

We had to wait in a huge line to see calves ranging from born
that very day (cute!) to 4 months old (also cute!)

The farm also has informational exhibits. I guess the exhibits
are for people who don't have children and therefore have time to read.
I took a picture of these olde tyme milke bottles for you.

Not a baby animal. Though maybe it's a baby lichen? Fungus composite things are amazing.
This was in the parking lot.

I can't visit Woodstock without hitting Gillingham's. It's your average general store, if your average general store includes EVERYTHING (wine, games, snacks, Quimper pottery, odd tableware, triscuits divided into fifty cent baggies, dog collars. I could go on...)

How is your Easter/Passover/Ostara/Whatnot weekend shaping up? Saturday stories??