Maine Blueberries 3 Ways

Hello! How is your August going? Are you getting to enjoy summer and its incredible bounty?

Here are a few things I've noticed about August:
  • It is very muggy and sometimes WICKED hot. It seems like we have had the AC on more this summer than the last 2-3 years. I'm trying to soak up the heat (and drink lots of water) knowing that in a few months I will be wicked COLD.
  • August is spider month. When we lived on a farm years ago it was clear that in this 8th month of the year, our 8-legged friends are suddenly all over the place. They are making webs and being very industrious. Have you noticed that?
  • It's thunder season!
  • Sungold tomatoes are like candy.
  • Blueberry season is the best! Strawberries and raspberries go by too fast. But blueberries seem to last and last.
So about Maine blueberries in particular. I joined a farmer's market buying club at work and one of the first offers I had was for a flat of blueberries for $40. Apparently a farmer in Maine had a bumper crop and was trying to get rid of his or her fresh-picked bounty. I ponied up for a flat, but when it came it was actually one large box full of tiny blueberries. It seemed to weigh about 4-5 pounds.

This was the exact moment that I remembered Maine blueberries are really small. I would say they also have a more subtle flavor than the big juicy berries we get around here in Vermont. But they are still quite delicious. And suddenly we had way too many of them.

The plan was always to freeze most of the berries, and we did. But I wanted to get the most out of the fresh fruits. Here are 3 ways to enjoy Maine blueberries.

Baby kale salad loaded with Maine blueberries, chevre, and fresh cherry tomatoes. I used my 5-ingredient vinaigrette (olive oil, white balsamic vinager, dijon mustard, salt, pepper).

Maine blueberries over a simple dish of ice cream. I chose Tahitian Vanilla by Vermont Gelato, which is both light and fragrant.

Maine blueberry buttermilk cake. I made two of these—one for us at home, and one to take to work. Everyone liked it! Buttermilk cake is fantastic for all kinds of summer fruit: blackberries, raspberries, plums, peaches, and so forth. Try this Raspberry Buttermilk Cake recipe from Gourmet/Epicurious and then change up the fruits.

What are your favorite ways to have blueberries? Do you like Maine Blueberries specifically?