Simple Spring Appetizer: Marinated Antipasto

What is "antipasto" anyway? I think it simply means "thing you eat before pasta," i.e. a first course. But it seems to evoke different first courses to different people. To a local pizzeria, "antipasto" means a Greek salad with a layer of cold cuts on it.

To this cookbook, Antipasti by Clare Ferguson, "antipasto" means anything from an anchovy dip with fresh veggies to an elegant version of grilled cheese.

My "antipasto"? It's a refreshing array of chilled or pickled vegetables, maybe a meat or two, drizzled with a tangy Grapeseed Oil Vinaigrette.

Last night this was my whole dinner, not just the first course! Artichoke hearts, hearts of palm, caper berries, some leftover grilled chicken, and grilled green beans. I drizzled it with my favorite vinaigrette, waited as long as I could for marination, and dove in.

I'd also love to try this with grilled asparagus, any kind of olives, grilled zucchini slices, fresh tomato... mmmm.

So here's a question: what is your "antipasto" ?