What I Ate in New York City

Chrysler Building view while I'm crossing the street

This past week I was lucky enough to travel to New York City for work, going on Wednesday morning and coming back Friday evening. Another way of putting it is that I was in New York for three lunches and two dinners, and we did our best to try as many things as possible. (I sincerely appreciate my job for making this possible; 4 out of these 5 meals were with colleagues.)

Day 1: Lunch was a Cuban pork pressed sandwich plus salad, so good.

Dinner was at Rossini's, an old school classic Italian restaurant in Murray Hill complete with red and gold decor, a pianist playing Sinatra standards and show tunes, and a heavy leather-bound menu. We ordered a bunch of appetizers to share, most memorably a super-soft fresh mozzarella. I had scallops for my entree.

Day 2: For lunch we ordered a bunch of Indian food and ate it family style, including Chicken Tikka Masala, Saag Paneer, and Lamb Vindaloo. This was very exciting since Brattleboro has no Indian restaurant at the moment, so it's pretty much a required cuisine for Brattleburghers who travel.

After work, I had a great evening on my own that involved shopping at H&M, a fabulous Juilliard student concert of student work, and dinner at Molyvos, the Greek restaurant in my very own hotel. I adore Greek food and it's hard to find in New England.

I started with a light taramasalata that I spread on pita wedges. It was pretty good: not too salty, not too fishy, and with the nice pops that you'd want from roe. Of course I had a glass of retsina with my meal.

My entree was lamb souvlaki, done medium. Delicious! It had good char but was moist and juicy. The tip of the bamboo skewer was burned and fell right off when I touched it, which I took as an excellent sign of real grilling.

Day 3 lunch: SUSHI.

I got a seaweed salad, a Christmas roll, and a spicy tuna roll. I ate every bite.

St. Patrick's Cathedral in the evening sun

Do you have a required cuisine that you seek out when you travel? Or a favorite meal you've had on the road?