Lately: Catching up on June & July 2017

Hello friends! Summer is flying by! We have been busy bees. Here are a few photos from June & July.

I ran the Vegan Power 25k again. There was an awesome heavy metal band called "Tomato Soup" at the start/finish area. They helped power us along and ROCK.

I was a few minutes faster than last year and came in Third Place for women (and 6th overall). I got this cool sheep trophy. (The Vegan Power 25k/50k is a fundraiser for animal care & welfare.)

Next I drove to Cape Cod to join my family at the ocean side. I love how New England beaches have vast tangles of roses—is it like that on other coasts, too?

Random book in the house where we stayed.


On the Cape one day, six of us took bikes to explore the rail trail, starting from Nickerson State Park in Brewster.

It was a gorgeous day.

Our turnaround point was 2 miles out at the Hot Chocolate Sparrow, a chocolate/coffee/ice cream bar in Orleans. The selection was a little overwhelming!

On another day I had tacos (and sangria) at Guapo's, the tortilla shack outlet in Brewster. So delicious.

The blues of a summer day.

A view of Scargo Lake taken from Scargo Tower. We swam in the lake earlier in the day and it was a nice interlude from the insistence of the ocean surf.

Flash to the Fourth of July. We went back to Old Sturbridge Village for the 1830's style celebrations (with cannon!) and took a full picnic.

I didn't take many photos this year—here is a mama hen with her two black chicks. 

Family Movie Night later in the week. Soooo funny.

The garden is looking good!

I tried "frosé" (essentially a slushie made from frozen wine blended with strawberries and vodka). It was "not my favorite," as my son would say.

Inspired by our Cape Cod experience, this weekend we took another family bike ride to Jamaica State Park (in Jamaica, Vermont). Next we're thinking of maybe trying CAMPING.

On Thursday mornings I run up the local mountain with a few others from my running group. I made these punch cards to track our climbs. I'm up to 4 punches now!

How is your summer going?