Beef Jerky Time: 10/25/06

A 3-song Halloween-y set is included in this week's show. (Whoopee!)

  • Moonlighting Theme: Al Jarreau
  • Cherry Oh Baby: UB40
  • Why I Write Such Good Songs: Kleenex Girl Wonder
  • Bedbugs & Ballyhoo: Echo & the Bunnymen
  • Never Here: Elastica
  • Dark Star: Beck
  • All Our Dirty Looks: Chipmunk Economy
  • Nothing Natural (version): Lush
  • Bela Lugosi's Dead: Bauhaus
  • I'm a Vampire: Future Bible Heroes
  • Scary Monsters (& Super Creeps): David Bowie
  • Miss Chatelaine (St. Tropez Mix): kd lang
  • Disco 2000: Pulp
  • La Cucaracha: Kumbia Kings
  • Burgundy: Jessamine

Beef Jerky Time: 10/18/06

Oh crumbs, I just spilled water all over my desk. This optical mouse still seems to work, though. Also our apartment slopes off to the south right here, which is helping the water flow away from the computer and onto the floor. Hope the printer still works after it's had water running under it. (Sorry honey!)

On to today's post, which is last week's radio show setlist. Keep it tuned to WVEW-LP, now STREAMING LIVE!!!

  • The Sun always shines on TV: A-ha
  • Hijo de Africa: MC Solaar
  • Life is Like a Musical: Outkast
  • White Lines: Grandmaster Flash
  • You're the Reason I'm Leaving: Franz Ferdinand
  • Squeaky Clean: The Mopes
  • Danger Zone: Gwen Stefani
  • Foram Koten: Holland
  • 3 MCs and 1 DJ: Beastie Boys
  • I'm In Love with What's-Her-Name: Dr. Frank
  • What Is and What Should Never Be: Led Zeppelin
  • Space: Beta Band
  • Where Are You? Who You Are?: Moor
  • Winter in the Hamptons: Josh Rouse
  • Your Ex-Lover is Dead: Stars

Folk n' trad: Beef Jerky Time 10/11/06

Played some wax from the stacks for this show--WVEW has inherited rfb's excellent record collection from which I pulled together a similar show back on 10/5/04. My favorites this time were Nick Seeger (gorgeous and mournful music) and Jackie & Birdie (rollickin' ladies!).

  • The Maiden's Apron: Donnelly & Gerardi
  • Will the Circle Be Unbroken: Arlo Guthrie
  • Bittersweet and Blue: Paul Penfield
  • Streets of London: Ralph McTell
  • Wild Mountain Thyme: RuthAnna
  • The Cowboy's Trademark: Gene Autry
  • Blow Away the Morning Dew: Mitzie Collins
  • Dead on the Run: Gibson & Camp
  • Last Cannonball: Mary McCaslin
  • Osage Stomp: Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys
  • Pegu: Jackie & Birdie
  • On the Sunny Side of the Rockies: Jimmy Davies
  • On Board of the Victory: Boys of the Lough
  • Sail on Flying Dutchman: Nick Seeger
  • Morning Light: Bottle Hill
  • Cigarettes, Whisky & Wild Women: Sons of the Pioneers
  • The Telephone Girl: The Red Clay Ramblers
  • Cumberland Gap: Homer & the Barnstormers (from an album winningly titled "Bluegrass Banjos on Fire")

Fall on the Farm

Pumpkin tops

Summer seems like an explosion of bounty, heat, fruit, full bloom. Autumn is its aftermath. I took some pictures to try capturing the post-summer chaos/release/shrapnel that can be found in a tiny corner of rural Vermont. Click here to check out some of the photos (the foggy ones after the flowers!).

All 80s: Beef Jerky Time 10/4/06

This show is one of my favorite formats--all 80s music. However, I'm finding that an 80s show isn't quite as delicious as it used to be, because other, commercial radio stations tend to play a lot of 80s music too. It's coming back. So it's no longer like, "Man, I haven't heard this song in AGES" when you hear Murray Head or Rockwell or something. It's more like, "Man, I just heard this song on WXYZ last week. Whatevs." (Actually, I would be REALLY excited to hear some Rockwell--I've been looking for him in vinyl dollar bins for years. That and the soundtrack to Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo.)

  • 1984: Van Halen
  • Let the Music Play: Shannon
  • Tarzan Boy: Baltimora
  • Safety Dance: Men without Hats
  • Shake It Up: The Cars
  • Der Komissar: Falco (NOT After the Fire, according to the LP sleeve. Maybe cuz this is the German version)
  • New Song: Howard Jones
  • So. Central Rain: REM
  • Save It for Later: The English Beat
  • Jenny/867-5309: Tommy Tutone
  • The Reflex: Duran Duran
  • Against All Odds: Phil Collins (from the Against All Odds s/t)
  • St. Elmo's Fire (Man in Motion): John Parr (from the St. Elmo's Fire s/t)
  • If You Were Here: The Thompson Twins (from the 16 Candles s/t)
  • She's a Beauty: The Tubes
  • Open Your Heart: Madonna

Jazz Singers: Beef Jerky Time 9/27/06

This show produced entirely from the Smithsonian's 5-CD box set entitled "Jazz Singers." Besides the usual Frank & Ella & Louis & other stuff that I love, this collection has a lot of great songs from singers I've never heard of before. I tried to play more of these than not.

  • Tain't What You Do: Trummy Young
  • Give Me the Simple Life: Dakota Stanton
  • I Left My Baby: Jimmy Rushing
  • You're Driving Me Crazy: Joe Turner
  • Parker's Mood: King Pleasure
  • Babalu (Orooney): Slim Gaillard
  • Shakin' the African: Don Redman
  • Down for Double: Mel Tormé
  • Hogwash: Louis Jordan
  • Blues with Helen: Helen Humes
  • I Can't give You Anything But Love: Ethel Waters
  • Until the Real Thing Comes Along: Fats Waller
  • Jumpin' at the Woodside: Lambert, Hendricks & Ross
  • The Man from Harlem: Cab Calloway
  • Close Your Eyes (Shut Yo' Mouth): Slam Stewart/Major Holley
  • There's a Small Hotel: Joe Williams
  • Lotus Blossom: Julia Lee
  • Angel Eyes: Chris Connor