Beef Jerky Time: 10/18/06

Oh crumbs, I just spilled water all over my desk. This optical mouse still seems to work, though. Also our apartment slopes off to the south right here, which is helping the water flow away from the computer and onto the floor. Hope the printer still works after it's had water running under it. (Sorry honey!)

On to today's post, which is last week's radio show setlist. Keep it tuned to WVEW-LP, now STREAMING LIVE!!!

  • The Sun always shines on TV: A-ha
  • Hijo de Africa: MC Solaar
  • Life is Like a Musical: Outkast
  • White Lines: Grandmaster Flash
  • You're the Reason I'm Leaving: Franz Ferdinand
  • Squeaky Clean: The Mopes
  • Danger Zone: Gwen Stefani
  • Foram Koten: Holland
  • 3 MCs and 1 DJ: Beastie Boys
  • I'm In Love with What's-Her-Name: Dr. Frank
  • What Is and What Should Never Be: Led Zeppelin
  • Space: Beta Band
  • Where Are You? Who You Are?: Moor
  • Winter in the Hamptons: Josh Rouse
  • Your Ex-Lover is Dead: Stars

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