My cat sits on my mouse

My computer mouse that is--the cat sets herself up by the window, which puts her squarely on top of the mouse sometimes. This seems oddly appropriate.

Here's the playlist from the 2*13*08 Beef Jerky Time.
  • Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous theme
  • Love Will Tear Us Apart: Susanna & the Magical Orchestra
  • Lazy Lover (free mix): Brazilian Girls
  • There She Goes: The La's
  • Mr. Jones: The Talking Heads
  • Twin Evil Stars: Dead Cowboys
  • Now Now: St. Vincent
  • A House is Not a Motel: Love
  • buy/sell/trade: Billy Schuh & the Foundry
  • (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction: Cat Power
  • D.A.N.C.E.: Justice
  • Für Paris gilt das nicht: Merricks
  • Bi-Pet: Lali Puna
  • Avec Grande Vitesse: Mondfähre
  • roygbiv: Boards of Canada

Class: Andrew McCarthy as 80s quintessence

I just saw the movie "Class" for the first time (how had I missed this before??). I discovered that it contains many interesting elements that are dispersed, diluted, echoed and reseeded in many similar films over the next few years. The genre is 80s teen/Brat Pack--could this be the ur-film in that category? I have started a table for comparison purposes. It is by no means complete, so please tell me if you know for a fact that there should be another checkmark somewhere. (I only checked off things I was Really Sure about.) Note that "Class" is in the bottom row here, with checks in every single column.

16 Candles

Breakfast Club

Pretty in Pink

Ferris Bueller...

Adventures in

St. Elmo's Fire

Less than Zero

The Sure Thing

Wierd Science

Oxford Blues

Better Off Dead


Brief note: I was excitedly expounding on this film at home, so we did a quick search to look for info. We found the following writeup of "Class" on German Amazon, and ran it through a translate program just for the pleasure. The descriptions that result are as good as any:

Brief Description: "For a newcomer like Jonathan turns out to be the oldest thing in the world suddenly as the most difficult. A bit too shy and inexperienced, the prospective stumbles Examenskanditat chosen for his first erotic Gehversuchen into a completely verzwickte history. Heavy head over heels in love, far from all Earth, it is rather ungently on the floor of the facts back. Seine "remedial teacher" in matters erotic turns out to be the mother of his best friend. no surprise that such a seduction risikogeladene leaves its traces. however, it would be laughed if Jonathan his exams in all respects with distinction there. Schmunzelspaß A sexy, peppy staged, gorgeous played. Teeny a cheeky comedy, the mood is easy! "

Video Market: The neunzehnjährige Jonathan friends at the College after brushing with room mutual colleague Skip. Soon after he learns the attractive Ellen know, 35 years, stunning and - what Jonathan did not know - mother of Skip. Ellen Burroughs, in the coldness of her husband suffers, seduces Jonathan and robs his innocence. As Jonathan visited the family in a country house herself, Skip finds his mother in Jonathan's bed. The boys beat up and clean their dispute after Männerart. Ellen ended the affair.

Homeless Marathon

is on the air tonight on WVEW, so no Beef Jerky Time til next week. Meantime, here's playlist from 2/6/08 show.

  • Gypsy Dave: Bert Jansch
  • Ennui: Halcyon Blue
  • Voices Are Your Best Friend: Glissandro 70
  • Get Out of Bed: Spring Factory
  • Dim Stars: Low Lights
  • Nobody's Baby: Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings
  • People: Gorillaz
  • Heimdalsgate Like a Promethean Curse: Of Montreal
  • Fiesta: The Pogues
  • Bill Gets Funky (aka Spacefunk): Freaks & Geeks s/t
  • Rockit: Gorillaz
  • Don't Even Tell Me You Miss the 70s: Orange Cake Mix
  • Metaphor: Sparks
  • See You on the Moon: Great Lake Swimmers
  • Merry Making at My Place: Calvin Harris

Grumpy week

Not sure why I am a total crank lately. My attention span is also surprisingly brief. Today I actually considered firing up a stockmarket ticker Widget or something to keep me entertained. Just to see something moving, telling me something...

Last week's Beef Jerky Time was pretty good! (1/30/08)
  • Busted Bicycle: Leo Kottke
  • Ask: The Smiths
  • Slow Wildcat: Essexboy
  • Crazy Egypt: John Cale
  • 1952 Vincent Black Lightning: The Mammals
  • French Lessons: Metrovavan
  • I Walk the Earth: King Biscuit Time
  • Mule Skinner Blues (Blue Yodel #8): Dolly Parton
  • Woman King: Iron & Wine
  • Rebel Rebel: David Bowie
  • Sea Legs: The Shins
  • Hey Bulldog: The Beatles
  • King of the World: Steely Dan
  • What Headphones?: André Previn