Lunchtime flu thoughts

Since herbalism and conspiracy theory are a big part of my family life, here are my thoughts on the flu shot shortage this year.

It seems to me like a really crazy ad-campaign: "These are great, get them every year... oh wait, never mind." I only started hearing about flu shots 6 years ago, and was surprised that grown adults were encouraged to get shots at their local drug store on an annual basis. Sounded like a scam to me... much like the theory that putting fluoride in drinking water is a handy way to get rid of fluoride, actually a toxic substance. But with shots, people actually have the stuff injected voluntarily! What is it exactly? Concocted from strains of last year's defunct flu? Then this year, with flu shots limited, the CDC is trying to assure the same flu-shot-happy masses that only "high risk" people need the shots. But it's too damn late, we're trained to get the shots every year and begorrah, we're going to get them! So what if I'm over 2!

Here's where herbalism comes in. Nature has already made a powerful and tasty flu-fighter, called the elderberry. Ask your local herbalist or health-food store about elderberry and give yourself a break from shots. Heck, someone told me the FDA is thinking of regulating elderberry, so that means it must be good.

David Crosby puts it nicely:
Say, can I have some of your purple berries

Yes, I've been eating them for six or seven weeks now
Haven't got sick once
Prob'ly keep us both alive

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