Before starting this blog I felt guilty about not working on my zine. Now I feel guilty about not working on my zine AND not working on this blog. But let's have some fun. It has come to...a weblog of weblogs:

Eszter's Blog Eszter Hargittai is one smart broad. Her blog is an interesting blend of political commentary and musings on technology, but she doesn't forget to include personal stuff to give some idea of where she's coming from. She is going places.

Marking Time Peter Marquis-Kyle is an Australian conservation architect. His weblog is graphically pleasing and you never know what he's going to annotate next: Samuel Pepys? Bucky Fuller? The weather?

Heath Row's Media Diet Reviewed discontent once so he must have excellent taste. I check up often to verify that.

Hey....Listen! I love to "spy" on college kids and their crazy websites. This one is a good example. Hey Liam, keep it coming!

38 Special's Official Home Page This isn't a weblog. Can you believe it though?? Check out those song titles. I've never heard of any of them! And I thought I was so up on eighties music. I thought I was such a fan. Now I realize I am way more familiar with Loverboy than I am with 38 Special. (And "If loving Loverboy is wrong, let me never be right."--actually a quote from that short-lived but tickling WB show, Off Centre)

Men Who Look Like Kenny Rogers. Really!

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