Another in a series of strange dreams

In my dream, I was looking for LPs by Wentzle Ruml, perhaps as a gift, and I went to About Music in the now-burned Wilder Building in Brattleboro, VT. The guy at the store said that, even though tons of water from the firemen's efforts had ruined most of the stock, his Wentzle Ruml albums were still in super shape, because they were just great product. I looked through them--one was a shiny black box-type album, the kind that holds 2 or 3 records that are oddly numbered so that when you stack them on one of those tall-spindle record players the sides will play in the right order. I seem to recall that the talented W.R. was on the cover in a sort of stylized embossed design, just him at the piano caught in simple lines like he was live at Montreux or something. A bit of an odd dream seeing as 1. I think About Music is closed now, 2. I am not aware of Wentzle Ruml having any sort of musical career. I enjoy imagining it though.

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