Makin' Candy all-tape edition, 4/26/05

In 1989 I developed a mad crush on this guy in my dorm. In retrospect he turned out to be pretty much a total jerk, but in my first semester of college that sort of thing seemed really cool. Anyway, we had a co-ed dorm with an open-door policy (except on the "quiet floor") so people could just wander in & out of each other's rooms, and usually we'd get together to listen to & talk about music. This guy, who we'll call "Luke" brought over a tape he'd made from a friend's music collection. On the spine of the tape along with the title, he'd written in very earnest capital letters "ALL FROM CDs." This was also double-underlined. Even at the time I thought this was possibly the dorkiest thing I'd ever seen. I mean, it's a TAPE. The only reason to write something like that is to impress people (or perhaps yourself), either with your unprecedented access to someone's CDs or your careful notation of the fidelity issues that might arise from a CD-to-tape recording. Anyway, the phrase has stuck with me ever since. So now I present to you a show that is "ALL FROM TAPES." It's the cassette special of Makin' Candy!

Another note: using tapes after a long hiatus was actually a bit difficult. They are mysteriously double-sided, and in a tape player that plays in reverse with poorly marked buttons, I sometimes didn't know what side I was about to play. Also cueing is difficult because if you don't know every song by heart, it's hard to tell what track you're in the middle of when you just randomly press play. The show didn't all go smoothly, but it was jolly to hear some of this music again. Because dude, half my music collection is languishing on tape.

Another note: I got 6 stitches in my right ring finger last night, so my typing may be even worse than usual. For reals.

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