Alphabet Showdown: Makin' Candy 5/17/05

This is the alphabet show. I wrote down the first band I could think of from A-Z (but trying not to repeat from immediately previous shows). I gave myself 2 rules: the band name can't be the person's name (like no "B" for "Bjork") and avoid bands that start with "The" (though this broke down around "V").

  • Dancin' Queen: Abba
  • Shake Your Money: Black Grape
  • Say: Cat Power
  • Love Your Money: Daisy Chainsaw
  • Yahoo: Erasure
  • She Drives Me Crazy: Fine Young Cannibals
  • Head Over Heels: Go-Go's
  • Don't Know Anything: Hoodoo Gurus
  • Whisper to a Scream (Birds Fly): Icicle Works
  • Fever: Juluka
  • The Nearest Future: Kleenex Girl Wonder
  • Daughters of the Kaos: Luscious Jackson
  • Rockin in A flat: Madness
  • Heart-Shaped Box: Nirvana
  • Supersonic: Oasis
  • Levitate Me: Pixies
  • Radio Gaga: Queen
  • What's the Frequency Kenneth: REM
  • Tru: Stars
  • Making Flippy Floppy: Talking Heads
  • She Caught the Train: UB40
  • The Drugs Don't Work: The Verve
  • Factory: Wall of Voodoo
  • That's Really Super, Supergirl: XTC
  • Only You: Yaz
  • Tush: ZZ Top
  • 3 Gymnopedies: Eric Satie (to celebrate his birthday today)

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