In Heavy Rotation

Now that I am temporarily without a radio show I must resort to my old format of the Top 5 list to enumerate and consider this week's musical addictions. In no special order, these are:

  1. Love without Anger: Devo.
    My recent interest in Devo was sparked when a reliable source lent us the "The Complete Truth About De-Evolution" DVD. I always knew I should love Devo more, and somehow getting visuals to go with the music really did the trick.
  2. Hollaback Girl: Gwen Stefani.
    I can't help it. I'm sorry. It's the cheerleader stomp that hooks me--it sounds JUST like high school basketball games. Bananas!
  3. Hots on for Nowhere: Led Zeppelin.
    It's so seventies. It's so summer. It's so Zeppelin. It's so Tony Alva. It's on every day at my house.
  4. Me Gustas Tu: Manu Chao.
    I first heard this on the radio and fell in love, I still remember exactly which street I was driving as I thought "did they just say marijuana on the radio? Did they just say it again?" I like the Chao because he recycles stuff, from beats to voicemails. It's efficient, and it sounds good.
  5. Cemetry Gates: The Smiths.
    I know they're supposed to be "gloomy," but the Smiths always put me in a super mood because of that perfect pop sound. Morr Marr!

That's it for now. I must just remind myself that my obsessions only last for about 2 weeks, so I've got a big change of scene comin' up.

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