If I love France so much

why don't I just GO there? I was recently sent this link http://www.escapeartist.com/embassy30/france.htm to titillate me further. But travel to France seems almost as difficult as travel to my other obsession, the 18th century. My stumbling blocks are 1. I don't feel like I really know enough French, 2. I don't have enough money to last for long in a foreign country, 3. What would we do with the cats? 4. What would we do with an apartment-ful of stuff? I'm sure there are perfectly reasonable answers to all these, but it's a bit overwhelming. Meantime, I keep making lists and working Google to search for substitutes. I found a good page of 18th century movies here: http://www.costumes.org/HISTORY/100pages/18THMOVI.HTM. It includes some of my favorites, a few of which are:
Barry Lyndon
Dangerous Liaisons
Tom Jones

Also I stumbled upon a syllabus from Prof. Nicole Vaget, who taught a course at Mt. Holyoke in Spring 1999 called Love and Seduction Rococo Style. Jeez, what am I DOING by not at least sneaking into her courses??

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