Recapitulating 2005

On the plus side:

  • my personal discovery of cocoa nibs, a delicious ingredient that makes your average chocolate bar SUPER FINE
  • acupuncture
  • my family, including the cats
  • the swimming hole
  • our Summer Reunion
  • Gorillaz!

Needs improvement:

  • French skills (current self-rating: 3 out of 10)
  • rock-climbing skills (0 out of 10--interest is high though)
  • correspondence habits (4 out of 10)
  • remembering to post things to this blog (4 out of 10)
  • amount of money spent on car repair (but HOW?)

Looking forward to 2006. Finally, a holiday with no religious OR political overtones. I don't think. Maybe the extra second they're adding will turn out to be muy controversial though. Here's to it.

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