Beef Jerky Time: 11/29/06

First, a note to listeners: NO SHOW NEXT WEEK (December 13, 2006). I'll be cooking a birthday dinner for someone special that evening. But tune in anyway for a special 2-hour DANCE PARTY SPECIAL hosted by DJ Troy, of Peel Slowly & See (also on Weds nites).

Here's the most recent playlist, including an extra-special treat narrated by Sir Richard Burton. (see ** below!) It was also pointed out to me that several songs (see *) have French lyrics. This was not entirely intentional.

  • Theme from "Too Close for Comfort"
  • *Sunday Girl: Blondie
  • Big Guns: Jenny Lewis & the Watson Twins
  • Justified & Ancient: The KLF with Miss Tammy Wynette
  • Epistle to Dippy: Donovan
  • Mathonwy: Huw Jones
  • Why Didn't My Parents Buy me a Casio?: Micromars
  • *Your Redneck Past: Ben Folds Five
  • Ana Ng: They Might Be Giants
  • **The Eve of War: from Jeff Wayne's musical version of the War of the Worlds
  • *Mon Oncle (jazzy mix [of film s/t music]): Mr. Untel
  • *Hommage: Les Frères Checkolade
  • Canadian Railroad Trilogy: Gordon Lightfoot

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