Blood Harvest

Happy Halloween! It's the time for slaughtering animals for winter, the traditional "blood harvest." Grain harvest (like John Barleycorn) is in August. Then the fruit harvest is September. And October gets the creepy one. The veil between the worlds is thinnest tonight and it's a great time to visit a graveyard and visit with spirits and ask questions of the unquiet dead.

Also a good time to listen to some graveyard smashes: here's tonight's creepy playlist.

Beef Jerky Time, 10/31/07
  • The Queen's Funeral March: Henry Purcell
  • Every Planet We Reach Is Dead: Gorillaz
  • Blasphemous Rumors: Depeche Mode
  • Toccata & Fugue in D Minor, BWV 565: J.S. Bach
  • I Am Stretched On Your Grave: Sinead O'Connor
  • Danse Macabre: Camille Saint-SaĆ«ns
  • The Golden Section: Coil
  • Chainsaw: Skinny Puppy
  • In the Hall of the Mountain King: Edvard Grieg
  • This Corrosion: Sisters of Mercy
  • The Unquiet Grave: Fir Soar

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