Almost spring 2010

March makes me feel like we might really win against this snow thing. Even if it blizzards again, it won't have the same spine to it. The snow will know, and I'll know the snow will know, that it won't last long. I am beginning to have hope that spring (and then summer) may really come.

I was going to do a whole post about my collection of pans, but I would really be angling to rave about my new 12" cast iron Lodge skillet with lid. OH my goodness this thing is fabulous! I have a different (Le Creuset) non-stick skillet that I really like, but the coating is starting to come off in places. I've read that a well-loved non-stick skillet can last just a few years, maybe only 2. But a well-cared-for cast iron skillet can be an heirloom. I tried out the Lodge this morning.

3 eggs and (precooked) sliced sausage, with an extra slice of sunshine. Maybe I am just in love, but these eggs seemed to cook perfectly. They didn't stick and they didn't get too brown too fast. Amazing.

Lodge did not pay me to rave about this. It is just awesome.

Another exciting thing happened today. First snowdrop. Take THAT old man winter! (Sorry about how the stuff behind the flower is in perfect focus...)

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ValleyWriter said...

Yay for the snowdrop! I haven't seen any flowers popping up yet here - but I'm glad to know they must be on their way soon!

I agree that cast iron pans rock. Unfortunately, I need a kitchen helper to lift them on my bad RA days... if only they could make them lighter!!!