Aglio e olio: Dinner for one

First nasturtium

I had most of the day to myself today. This hasn't happened in almost 4 years. It is very exciting! First I had a hair appointment, then I got a massage, then I had snacks and read about Versailles, then a nap! Next I listened to music of Versailles (Lully, to help me picture what I'd been reading) while working on mise en place for Father's Day food. Then I started to wonder... if I'm by myself and don't have to cater to anybody's food aversions and pickiness, what should I eat for dinner?

Part of the mise I prepared was one head's worth of crushed garlic. This gave me an idea; I'd make aglio e olio. I'd simply reheat some pasta, and add tons of garlic and oil.

There would be nobody to think that this plain pasta was not much of a dinner, or who might find the garlic too spicy.

I picked some fresh herbs to add flavor--flat parsley and basil.

I heated some olive oil, threw in cooked leftover fusilli and the herbs. I also put a bit of water in the pan. Covered and let heat for about 3 minutes.

I thought I'd mix it with ricotta, for protein.

I also drizzled hempseed oil on top (Omega fatty acids!) and put on lots of pepper and probably too much salt. It was pretty good! The ricotta was unnecessary, but fine.

For dessert, leftover strawberry shortcake from a special party. DELICIOUS! (Thanks CPR & NP, you know who you are!)

It's fun to eat differently--no restrictions and also no expectations. Reminds me of my bachelorette days when I would eat a nature burger with feta cheese for dinner almost every single day. How about you: if there are usually people around in your home, what do you change when you eat alone?

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