Pumpkin Seeds

At Halloween this year we never got around to buying an "official" large pumpkin to carve. Instead we carved the two cute little pumpkins we had at hand. (Thanks Gramma J!)

Then, a week after Halloween, some family members were buying cider and saw that big pumpkins were on sale for $2. They bought one and made another jack-o-lantern.

Lights out, please!

It was agreed that the pumpkin was worth $2 because for one, it was a fun evening project for parent and kid. For two, we made a favorite snack--roasted pumpkin seeds.

Is there a recipe for roasted pumpkin seeds? We just faked it. Put them in a bowl of water to help separate pulp from seeds. Salted. Roasted at around 200 until dry. Cranked up to around 350 until the seeds started to brown and pop. That's it. Should I mention here that the person who likes pumpkin seeds doesn't peel them, just chews them as is? That person is NOT ME. Heh.

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