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I've been feeling overwhelmed lately and it's a drag. It probably has a lot to do with our favorite little person teething for over TWO WEEKS. I can see that bad-boy tooth almost coming in (top left). But it apparently still/always hurts judging by the crying and screaming and even trouble taking a bottle when I'm away at work. Poor little fellow! Sometimes it takes an hour after bedtime to coax him to sleep, and after that I'm just exhausted. Plus, getting up every 2 hours to soothe him some more. Ack! (Someday I'll look back on this and laugh! Ha!) Also, there's something about a house constantly exploding with toys and books and bottles of sunscreen and discarded kid clothes and CDs the baby has been "filing" on the floor and clean folded laundry piling up that is also pretty exhausting. I'm sure I'll get used to it someday...?

For now, I've been turning to some creative and lively blogs for relief and inspiration. Guess what, they're not about food or electro-pop (well not mostly). They're about DESIGN and STYLE. I am obsessed with this blog--the bright home with cool touches, Kathleen's stylin' outfits, the gorgeous graphic design projects that she shares, tons of stories and photos and glimpses into hip lives in Oklahoma City. Wow. I think I even bought a pair of shoes because of Kathleen. Here she is:


Credit: Jeremy & Kathleen, Anatomy of an Outfit: My Favorite Skirt

Here are my new shoes:

Not really the same... but for me they're totally related.

** LOVE this blog. Sherry & John seem so adorable and full of beans, their writing has a casual, hilarious tone and they serve up lots of practical DIY and frugal-decorating info. For instance the ongoing story of their living-room parsons chairs (from craiglist find to slipcover saga to dyeing project) is fascinating! The concrete paver patio laid down in a frenzy for their daughter's first birthday party! The handmade "distressed" behind-the-couch console! The fact that they name pieces of furniture things like "Karl the Sectional"! The fact that doing all this is now their JOB. So funny and fresh, I admire yall.


ValleyWriter said...

I totally see the connection with the shoes - and think they're awesome! You always have the best footwear ;-)

Hope the lil' one is feeling some relief soon!

desha peacock said...

cool, i'm going to check these blogs out!
and yes, i lean towards the aqua suit, too. if only i had $138 bucks- but I dont' think anyone cares at lake spofford... ha ha!

"Prof. Kitty" said...

Thanks yall! I'm psyched to report that Kathleen actually wrote me back and liked my new shoes. Aww!