Andy Serkis sets off a train of thought

I just learned on Friday (by listening to NPR's Fresh Air with Terry Gross, which is pretty much how I learn everything these days) that Andy Serkis, of Gollum fame, played Ian Dury in a movie called Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll. I also learned that Ian Dury had polio and the right side of his body was strong and energetic while the left side couldn't do much, so he would propel himself about the stage leading from the right. This sounds like a good role for Andy Serkis as he is so good at conveying acting through sheer physicality. Like being all the movements for Gollum through motion capture technology, while never actually appearing on film.

Then later in the morning iTunes randomly picked Perro Loco by Forro in the Dark, which is pretty much my Song of the Week right now. It keeps getting stuck in my head. The song reminds me a little of Ian Dury now that I listen to it. It is so peppy and saxophony and makes me want to pogo.

It also makes me think of the Young Ones and Alexei Sayle hopping about with that goofy look and his Dr. Martens. (Pull the playhead up to about 1:08 for the crazy dance.)

One more thought about the Young Ones, did you know that Vyvyan is married to Jennifer Saunders? Well actually Vyvyan is called Adrian Edmondson, he's the one who's married to Jennifer Saunders. I like to think of Vyvyan and Edina at home together. Actually I more like to think how Patsy or Rik might be appalled by their relationship.

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