Woodworking Studio

There's something about autumn and studio tours that goes together so well. If you're driving around looking at foliage anyway, why not stop and visit some creative people in their habitats? I highly recommend the annual Putney Craft Tour, happening every Thanksgiving weekend (this year it's November 25th-27th). Do not miss Ken Pick's pottery studio, where you can trace ceramic finger labyrinths and enjoy hot cider from the top of the wood stove while you chat with the artist.

This weekend the Vermont Crafts Council put on their Foliage Open Studio Weekend and we stopped by Jason E. Breen's woodworking place in the Brattleboro hills. It was a neat place and nice to meet Jason and learn how planes work. Here are a few vignettes.

Tools! That lighting makes it like some olde oil painting.

Clamps (?)


Well-used brush, scissors


Carolyn A. said...

Soooo cool! If you ever get to Fairfax, VT, please try to visit this fellow: http://www.vermontfurnituremakers.com/member_detail.php?memberID=29 And please tell him that Carolyn, formerly of Architectural Digest, regrets that the change of leadership precluded publication of our "great design across the U.S." issue.

"Prof. Kitty" said...

It's a deal CA, I'll look him up if I ever find Fairfax! Wish you could come for a studio tour too!