Find the Castle!

Source: via K. on Pinterest

I fell in love with this cute little castle in Maybole, Scotland. Then I took it a step further by visiting Maybole VIRTUALLY to poke around! It is perpetually spring there--frozen in April 2009 courtesy of Google Street View. My game is to play Find the Castle. It's easy.

1. Go to this page.

2. Use the directional cursors on your keyboard to navigate the town. If possible, just look at the Google Street View photos at the top of the screen, not the map below. (It seems possible to cheat.)

3. See how quickly you can find adorable Maybole Castle suddenly looming up in front of you! It is a very satisfying feeling.

After finding the castle, I tool around the Maybole streets and countryside. I found daffodils blooming on a roadside south of town. There's a cute little common by the railway station. It gets sunny on Drumellan Street, right by The Corner Pocket Snooker Hall. Just now I played again and, after finding the castle, I went down Kirkwynd and found an old ruined church just nestled among the blocks of flats. Oh Scotland!

Have you explored someplace with Google Street View, especially someplace you've never been? I want to go to Maybole now! (You can even get inside the Metropolitan Museum with Google Street View, I discovered.)


Anonymous said...

I best get my butt up to Scotland as I'm so near. Miss you. Sarah D

"Prof. Kitty" said...

Miss you too lady! Imagine being able to play Find the Castle for reals! If you go send pics...