Hooray for Bluebies!

I've been eating salad! The profusion of vegetables that are available and IN OUR HOUSE right now is forcing even me, Lazy Lunch Lady, to do more than just slap together a pbj or grab leftovers as I run off for work each day. Instead, I take an extra few minutes to make a salad. It is surprisingly easy. Tons of tomatoes from Grandma's garden. Crisp cucumbers, bright peppers, and heirloom carrots from the farmer's market. Tender vermilion beets pre-cooked and stored in the fridge. Some leftover corn kernels or beans from Meatless Monday. And what's this on top of my salad? Blueberries!

I am obsessed with the taste of blueberries in salad dressing. Blueberries could be the new bleu cheese. Generally, I like a fresh-picked apple, a juicy plum that overflows to drip from my elbows, or handfuls and handfuls of berries. Watermelon chunks stolen from what I'm cutting up for children. But I don't really MIX fruit into other things. It's too good! 

This week though, I am changing my ways. Blueberries in salad add an unexpected little bite. They're a touch of sweet among the massive vinegar/garlic wallop of my homemade dressing. They're pretty. They're adorably bite-sized. And they're superfoods. I highly recommend this combo!

Are you eating more salad these days because it's crazy harvest time? Do you like fruit in an otherwise "normal" salad?

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