Blueberry Haus on the last day of May

Last summer we discovered a treasure of Guilford Vermont by stopping at a place we'd passed many times, Blueberry Haus. I guess I'd always thought a place called "Blueberry Haus" must be kind of ridiculous (Haus! Really!). Clearly they had blueberries in season, and were pretty famous as a local ice cream stand. But when I finally stopped there last July, I learned the true awesomeness of Blueberry Haus. They serve up yummy grilled American food in a charming picnic atmosphere.

First, place your order at the cute little kiosk. Hot dogs, sausages, various types of burgers, and fries.

When your name is called, grab your order and park at one of the picnic tables. Lettuce & tomato cost $1 extra, but condiments are free. The fries are the excellent slightly floppy, slightly caramelized type that I treasure in your average pub.

There is a kid-friendly water feature with several real & noisy frogs, and lots of giant goldfish (or mini koi?).

Definitely the most child friendly feature of Blueberry Haus, the feature that will get children to use the bathroom and wash their hands and get right into the car when you ask, would be the ice cream stand. They offer the usual chocolate, vanilla, plus sorbets, blue Dinosaur ice cream and great chocolate options. Tonight I requested a combo of Ye Olde Chocolate Salty (chocolate with a salty-caramel ripple), and Moose Tracks.

When we got home the westering sun was just picking out some of the latest May flowers. I bought these violas (above) on my annual Memorial Day trip to Walker Farm in Putney. I love violas, and these are called "Bilbo Baggins" so of course I couldn't resist.

Also, the lupine is blooming!

Did May seem long to you?

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