Lobsterland: Maine photo essay

My last trip to the Maine seaside was in the late 90s. I only live two states away, so a few weekends ago we decided it was high time to re-visit Vacationland. Our idea was to have a multi-generational trip that would give kids lots of chaperones, parents some date-night time, and grandparents some colorful traveling companions. I think that's basically how it worked out... Here are some photos!

I had a craving for lobster rolls weeks ago, but held out until I could get a real one in Maine. I'm not so sure about those Vermont lobster rolls. This one was PERFECT.

We got our lobster rolls at Scarborough Lobster, a wonderful "shack" in Scarborough, Maine.

The kind guy there also gave our daughter a lobster tour, getting different sized lobsters out of their tanks and showing her their long antennae, their rubber-banded claws, and how to stroke a giant lobster to sleep. He was awesome.

This store just down the street in Scarborough specializes in local and natural foods. Nice logo.

View down the beach from our hotel, you can see the Old Orchard Beach Pier.

Typical tourist counter. I did kind of want some poutine!

Oh the neon! Most of these shops were closed since we got there after Labor Day.

Of course we had to visit the GFB Scottish Pub. It's a huge place that probably gets pretty wild when a band is playing. Here's the bar-island, check out the row of taps over there in the middle right. Those are the other taps.

Their haggis had raisins in it, so instead we split an order of Scotch Eggs. GOOD!

Flags at the GFB Scottish Pub. I have some issues with their website's spelling of "whisky," but I love the idea of this place and wish them good success. They just opened a few months ago!

Dinner at Joseph's by the Sea was a highlight of the trip--love my restaurants! This is my starter, a lobster potato pancake.

For my main I had Seared Scallops with "spicy rouille." Delicious.

Fabulous and fancy dinner ended with a Chocolate Espresso Torte... and a decaf.

For one of our date-night evenings we visited the Palace Playland arcade (open through Columbus Day) and did ridiculous things like dancing on computerized squares, shooting balls at clowns, driving virtual racecars on mountain roads, trying to roll quarters into tiny dump-trucks, and posing in a photobooth.

For the record, we stayed at the Edgewater Motor Inn which seemed like the nicest place on the strip.  Don't go to OOB for the museums, but do go if you like to relax and be a little lowbrow and touristy!

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