Brattleboro is Foodie Heaven

Hello friends! I hope you are having an amazing May so far! I've been eating so much super food around here that I want to share it with the world. Three highlights just from the past few days:

One, I can't stop thinking about this pulled pork plate at Hazel. It comes with a choice of two sides--I got the collards (which also have wonderful pork bits worked in) and fries. It was SO much food and so satisfying. Hazel also has a good beer list. It's fairly new and this was my first visit. They specialize in pizza and BBQ and have rejuvenated an excellent location that previously had not been doing well. I'm going to add Hazel to my Brattleboro list, and I want to get back there very soon!

Hazel: Pulled pork, collards, fries on top, sample of chalkboard wall art below

Two, was another amazing brunch at our fast favorite duo restaurant. Also a newer establishment, this is my third brunch at duo, and each has been a special occasion (two birthdays, and this time was an engagement celebration). Duo does brunch so well. They totally get the leisurely pace of brunch, the need for coffee that is bottomless and plenty, and their crispy potatoes are perfectly tender-crisp-crunchity-amazing. Go there for the potatoes alone, really! The menu does change frequently, there's always something fresh alongside the favorites! We were a large table of 11 guests so I ran around snapping photos of some of the selections...

Clockwise from top right: Pulled chicken slider, the "Sweet Sunday" which is poached eggs over greens
and mushrooms with crispy potatoes, the "Zippy Cake" which is poached eggs over
a delightful pork-sage-sausage grit cake, and the "Brisket Crock."

Three, Curtis' BBQ in Putney is always a messy, sticky, amazingly delicious treat. This place is rightfully famous, and 'round here in Vermont we consider it our authentic barbecue that we'd put up against any in the country. The menu is pretty simple--you're looking at some combo of ribs, chicken, and/or baked potato. I'm not a ribs person (other family members mock me for this), so I usually get a loaded baked potato. This super-stuffed pulled-chicken version was perfection. Read my 2009 thoughts about Curtis' here. We also were charmed by Curtis' 3 dogs, one dachshund and two dachshund-ish. CUTE.

What have you eaten lately that delighted you? Is the month of May like the best thing ever?

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