My Running List

2017 Races & Goals:

My plan is to choose from a few of these excellent options:

Cade Cod Trail Race (Falmouth, MA), 5k/10k/50k/half-marathon/marathon, April 9
Traprock 50K/17K (Bloomfield, CT), April 15
Seven Sisters Trail Race 12 miles (Amherst, MA), May 6
Soapstone Mountain 22k (Stafford, CT), May 21
Salomon Trail Running Festival 5k/10k/25k/50k/50-mile (New Gloucester, ME), May 27-8
West River Trail Run 11 miles (Jamaica, VT), June 3
Vegan Power 50K/25K (Pittsfield, MA), June 17
Goshen Gallop 10k (Goshen, VT), July 15
Jug End Loop 6-hour (Egremont, MA) July 29
Moosalamoo 14mi/36mi (Goshen, VT) sometime in August
6 Hours in Paradise (Windsor, VT), sometime in August
Pisgah Mountain Trail Race 50K/23K (Chesterfield, NH), September
Runner's World Festival (Bethlehem, PA), October 20-22
Mt Toby Trail Race 14 miler, MA, October sometime
Hamsterwheel 6/12/24 hour race, November

A few other things I'd like to do this year:
  • Do my first 20-mile training run
  • Traverse Mount Bromley on the Long Trail running north to south
  • Do a night run on trails
  • Find at least one other person to run trails with me
  • Do at least one training run in Pisgah State Park (not just the actual race)
  • Make a list of destination races that I may never do, but nice to dream about

7 Sisters Trail Race
West River Trail Run
Vegan Power 25k
Pisgah Trail Run 23k
Maple 5k
Ginger Runner Virtual Run 2017
Runner's World Festival 10k


West River Trail Run (11 miles), 1:57
Vegan Power 25K, 3:12
Pisgah Mountain Trail Race 23k, 2:55
Maple 5k, 24:23 (3rd female)
Ginger Runner Virtual Run 2016
Hamsterwheel 6-hour race 32 miles in 6:15 (2nd female)


Mother's day half marathon: 2:01
Bill Powers Memorial Firecracker 4-miler: 30:56
6 hours in Paradise: 24 miles in 5:33
Maple 5k: 23:25
Hamsterwheel 6-hour race: 31.2 miles in 5:54 (11:17 pace)

Turkey Trot near the finish line, Thanksgiving Day 2014

Mother's day half marathon: 1:56 ish (timing errors, actual time unknown)    ***PR
Bill Powers Memorial Firecracker 4-miler 30:55 
Walk, Run, Roll Bratt 5k  23:52   (2nd woman)
Newbrook 5k  23:37   (3rd woman)
Maple 5K 24:10    (3rd woman)
Creepy Crawl 5K 24:47   (3rd woman)
Turkey Trot 3-miler (12 inches snow, unofficial time) 24:31

special events: Summer fun runs, Runner's World Streak from Memorial Day to July 4, November POTM: 100 miles for the month


Bill Powers Memorial Firecracker 4-miler  30:28
Chicago Half Marathon  1:59:04
Newbrook 5k  24:00
Maple 5K  22:57    ***PR   (1st woman)
Creepy Crawl 5K  23:38     (1st woman)
Turkey Trot 3 miler 22:48

special events: Summer fun runs, November POTM: 90 miles for the month


Bill Powers Memorial Firecracker 4-miler 34:40   (1st in age group)
Walk Run Roll 5K 26:22   (3rd woman)
Maple 5K 23:48    (1st woman)
Newbrook Fit & Fun 5K 25:03
Creepy Crawl 5K ???    (1st woman)
Turkey Trot  24:15

special events: Summer fun runs, November POTM: 45 miles for the month


Walk Run Roll 5K 26:22    (1st woman)


Homeless Coalition 5K 25:58
Women Running Wild 5K 25:00
Marino Lookout Farms 5K 27:16


Komen Race for the Cure 5K 28:28
Homeless Coalition 5k Somerville 27:10
Race for the Cure Boston 5K 28:36
Women Running Wild 5K 28:26



Women Running Wild 5K  28:02

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