My Running List

2017 Races & Goals:

My plan is to choose from a few of these excellent options:

Cade Cod Trail Race (Falmouth, MA), 5k/10k/50k/half-marathon/marathon, April 9
Traprock 50K/17K (Bloomfield, CT), April 15
Seven Sisters Trail Race 12 miles (Amherst, MA), May 6
Soapstone Mountain 22k (Stafford, CT), May 21
Salomon Trail Running Festival 5k/10k/25k/50k/50-mile (New Gloucester, ME), May 27-8
West River Trail Run 11 miles (Jamaica, VT), June 3
Vegan Power 50K/25K (Pittsfield, MA), June 17
Goshen Gallop 10k (Goshen, VT), July 15
Jug End Loop 6-hour (Egremont, MA) July 29
Moosalamoo 14mi/36mi (Goshen, VT) sometime in August
6 Hours in Paradise (Windsor, VT), sometime in August
Pisgah Mountain Trail Race 50K/23K (Chesterfield, NH), September
Runner's World Festival (Bethlehem, PA), October 20-22
Mt Toby Trail Race 14 miler, MA, October sometime
Hamsterwheel 6/12/24 hour race, November

A few other things I'd like to do this year:
  • Do my first 20-mile training run
  • Traverse Mount Bromley on the Long Trail running north to south
  • Do a night run on trails
  • Find at least one other person to run trails with me
  • Do at least one training run in Pisgah State Park (not just the actual race)
  • Make a list of destination races that I may never do, but nice to dream about


West River Trail Run (11 miles), 1:57
Vegan Power 25K, 3:12
Pisgah Mountain Trail Race 23k, 2:55
Maple 5k, 24:23 (3rd female)
Hamsterwheel 6-hour race 32 miles in 6:15 (2nd female)


Mother's day half marathon: 2:01
Bill Powers Memorial Firecracker 4-miler: 30:56
6 hours in Paradise: 24 miles in 5:33
Maple 5k: 23:25
Hamsterwheel 6-hour race: 31.2 miles in 5:54 (11:17 pace)

Turkey Trot near the finish line, Thanksgiving Day 2014

Mother's day half marathon: 1:56 ish (timing errors, actual time unknown)    ***PR
Bill Powers Memorial Firecracker 4-miler 30:55 
Walk, Run, Roll Bratt 5k  23:52   (2nd woman)
Newbrook 5k  23:37   (3rd woman)
Maple 5K 24:10    (3rd woman)
Creepy Crawl 5K 24:47   (3rd woman)
Turkey Trot 3-miler (12 inches snow, unofficial time) 24:31

special events: Summer fun runs, Runner's World Streak from Memorial Day to July 4, November POTM: 100 miles for the month


Bill Powers Memorial Firecracker 4-miler  30:28
Chicago Half Marathon  1:59:04
Newbrook 5k  24:00
Maple 5K  22:57    ***PR   (1st woman)
Creepy Crawl 5K  23:38     (1st woman)
Turkey Trot 3 miler 22:48

special events: Summer fun runs, November POTM: 90 miles for the month


Bill Powers Memorial Firecracker 4-miler 34:40   (1st in age group)
Walk Run Roll 5K 26:22   (3rd woman)
Maple 5K 23:48    (1st woman)
Newbrook Fit & Fun 5K 25:03
Creepy Crawl 5K ???    (1st woman)
Turkey Trot  24:15

special events: Summer fun runs, November POTM: 45 miles for the month


Walk Run Roll 5K 26:22    (1st woman)


Homeless Coalition 5K 25:58
Women Running Wild 5K 25:00
Marino Lookout Farms 5K 27:16


Komen Race for the Cure 5K 28:28
Homeless Coalition 5k Somerville 27:10
Race for the Cure Boston 5K 28:36
Women Running Wild 5K 28:26



Women Running Wild 5K  28:02

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