I like failure because it's easy. Also it can be disguised as other things, like procrastination, mysterious illnesses, or even industry ("I didn't do it yet because I've been REALLY BUSY.") Trying something is hard, and if you fail after trying, that's even worse. Think of all the work you've done, only to fail. Compared to that, going ahead and accepting failure right away is a cinch.

I'm always heartened by that part in Whit Stillman's "Metropolitan" where Charlie calls Fourier's utopia a "failure" because it ceased to exist, and Tom immediately replies that everyone ceases to exist, but not everyone is a failure. Of course Nick is my favourite character in that movie, and his take is even better: "I've always planned to be a failure anyway, that's why I plan to marry an extremely wealthy woman."

Really, in geologic time, is it that bad that a tiny 20-page zine is two months late? I should just stop berating myself and get to work. Except I really feel like pouring myself a Genny Cream Ale, aptly described on BeerAdvocate.com as a "good beer for a buck."

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