Long pause due to leaving my job, packing up all of my stuff (where did it all COME FROM?), and moving to another state. I have been claiming that this plan will put me just where I need to be in order to write a kick-ass book, or a decent story, or even just a page of something. So far, the only thing that has come easily is not working. I have moved far from my friends to a place of dubious cultural value, given up my Massachusetts license plates (I now have to appear to drive with some sort of plan rather than the randomly aggressive driving style to which I've become accustomed), and I've weaned myself of the desire to earn any income. I am passing time by marking contests and awards in the back section of Poets & Writers magazine. I calculate that I just need to turn out two short stories per month and win 100 per cent of contests entered and I'll never have to work again!

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