My weblog has fallen into disrepair because I no longer work in front of a computer all day long. I do not mean to imply that when I did hold that particular job I actively sought interesting stuff to add to "Writer's Block." But looking up (or really, "googling") information on books and faculty and academic research always led to other neat-o websites that I could not help but note, and usually read.

These days I have no way to stumble happily upon great websites; instead I use the internet as a glorified dictionary. My browser bookmarks reflect the ephemera of various short-lived obsessions and hobbies, such as where Lali Puna are playing, info on Rug Hooking Magazine, and downloads of Indian Movie Music. My latest interest is "how to smoke a pipe." My kinesiologist tells me that my body doesn't mind tobacco, but hates the paper in cigarettes so I should use a pipe instead. A thoughtful friend gave me a new corncob pipe and some screens, but I have no idea what to do next. Can I use American Spirit looseleaf tobacco in a pipe, or do I have to get that stringy sweet-smelling pipe tobacco? Is it true that you're not supposed to inhale? (As if!) The What You Need to Smoke a Pipe page at www.pipes.org somewhat useful, but it doesn't say anything about screens or inhaling. I need a crotchety uncle or grandfather to show me the ropes and someday, when I'm showing promise, give me my very own pipe tool with a little miniature shovel and tamper and cleaning nail. Or maybe I should just order a hookah from Turkey.

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