Makin' Candy Setlist, 10/26/04

Radio show details finally available after a weekend spent moving house. Tribute to John Peel and tiny Hallowe'en set included in this show...

  • Fool's Gold: Stone Roses
  • My Guru: Kalanji & Ananji
  • How Long Can This Go On: Kitty Craft
  • Eve of Destruction: Buzzo
  • Eardrum Buzz: Wire
  • Frontier: Dead Can Dance
    This next chunk dedicated to John Peel, BBC DJ 1967-2004
  • Is She Weird: Pixies, recorded on the John Peel show, 6/11/90
  • Transmission: Joy Division
  • There is a Light that Never Goes Out: The Smiths
  • (White Man) in Hammersmith Palais: The Clash
  • Badhead: Blur
  • clip of Mr. Peel opining on Grand Rapids... here endeth the John Peel tribute
  • Goodbye: The Universe
  • David's Last Summer: Pulp
  • Spin: Death of a Salesman
  • Out of Myself: Arco
  • Brackish Boy: Frank Black
  • (She's a) Universal Emptiness: Swans
    Halloween trio:
  • I'm a Vampire: Future Bible Heroes
  • Scary Monsters: David Bowie
  • Great Pumpkin Waltz: Vince Guaraldi
  • Action at a Distance: Matmos
  • Bushman's Samba: Lullatone
  • Acknowledgment from A Love Supreme: John Coltrane
  • Playford Tunes: Maddy Prior
  • Time on My Hands: Ben Webster

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