Google-happy fool

Lately I have noticed that more and more people I know have their photos posted online for some reason or another. Mostly it is professional-type stuff, though one "wired" guy just seems to get posted by other snap-happy friends. Here's a little sample of who I've found lately:

The guy who sat next to me in English class, who I think had a glass eye, so I was never sure if he knew I was there.

The guy who taught me to love Steely Dan, Billie Holiday and Simone Martini.

The guy who was our high school hockey goalie, who once sent me a dozen red roses. He's still tending goal somewhere and lists as his interests: "redheads."

The guy whose room was next to ours during freshman year and who had a giant poster of Woody Allen over his bed, who he fondly referred to as "the Woodman."

Also I've found a couple of my best friends, who I won't attempt to characterize here, and scattered other acquaintances. They are all guys, for some reason. Maybe it's because my women friends keep getting married and changing their names? Anyway, finding people's pictures seems more challenging than finding their names and it is fun to see them again. I'm not a wierd stalker or trying to "out" anybody as an acquaintance of mine. It's more like I just get curious and Google-happy. It's my little lab experiment: "What if the world had a bulletin board where anybody could put anything. How much would people post about person X???" Or just "Whatever happened to ZZZ?" And so I Google away.

WAIT! Newsflash. I found a lady friend at last. You know who you are writer-girl!

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