Ramble On

Yet another mild interest has blown into a major obsession lately--I have fallen in love with Led Zeppelin. I've had little flare-ups before of course. This time I was re-infected by the local classic rock station which I've been listening to as I stack wood in the garage. I figured out that frequent doses of Led Zeppelin are exactly the thing to make me feel comfortable, happy and badass. However I am trying to avoid ordering one of the many Zeppelin concert films available from Netflix, because I know myself well enough to be aware that by the time I actually get the movie, I may have veered off toward yet another pet interest. Or maybe not...

Other recent interests:

  • Fertility Awareness charting: This is when a woman records her waking temperature, among various other selected signs, to determine where she is in her cycle. If only someone had taught us this stuff at school I would have such an amazing history of my inner workings... literally!

  • My thermos with folding spoon: Perhaps this sounds odd, but I feel that this thermos is solving all of my problems in life. One of my central health concerns is the tendency to buy "bad" lunch foods from the cafeteria at work. When I'm starving at 11:30 am, it seems completely reasonable to slurp up a bowl of cream of mushroom soup and a plate of fries. But it adds up! Cripes! Now that I have a thermos, I can bring my own healthy soups from home that have NO cream and salt n' stuff. It feels like such a simple and elegant way to change my entire lifestyle. No lie.

  • Seaweed: This kinda goes with the thermos thing. How do you make soup in the 10 spare minutes you have before work? Boil water. Add seaweed. Add a few chopped vegetables. Add a spoonful of bouillon. Add a generous pour of hempseed oil. Pour into miracle Thermos. Face the day with salty weedy brilliant soup sparkling gently in your work bag. Not only does seaweed contain algins that bind to heavy metals and nasty things and help flush them from the body, but it's full of other good stuff too, like fiber and vitamins. Susun Weed calls it the everyday miracle. Yep.

  • Bhutan: This is not a conscious obsession, but mentions of Bhutan keep cropping up and it's getting wierd. First it was Bhutan as seen and described in Michael Palin's Himalaya. Then I saw that GeoEx is leading trips there. Then I was lent a nice movie called "Travellers and Magicians." Then I was listening to a book-on-tape of travel stories and the second one was all about Bhutan. What's up with that? Why is such a small country POPPING up everywhere I look? Will report back if I find out.

That's it for today--a headache that can be solved by food is calling me away.

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