Pass the Poutine

I've been going through a bit of a Canadian phase lately. May in
large part be due to my watching the Kids in the Hall Megaset,
complete seasons 1-4, which makes me feel like I'm living right
in Toronto. Also I highly recommend a movie called "Comedy
Gold," a doc about Canadians (with interviews with Dan Aykroyd,
Dave Thomas, Tom Green, Lorne Michaels, and many many others)
and their comedy oeuvres (Codco, This Hour Has 22 minutes, SCTV,
Wayne & Shuster, Air Farce, etc.). Which reminds me, last week's
Beef Jerky Time was an all-Canadian show. Since Canada is a huge
country and not, say, Kansas City, I don't think it really has a
"sound." But I'm always thrilled to find out that various
interesting or odd people or groups turn out to be Canadian. I
was helped by this Wikipedia list.
(This reminds me of an old & great edition of "This American
Life" all about what it means to be Canadian--check it out here:

Beef Jerky Time playlist 2/7/07
  • Kids In the Hall theme: Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet
  • The Jessica Numbers: The New Pornographers
  • Burning in Love: Honeymoon Suite
  • Where Evil Grows: The Poppy Family
  • Promiscuous: Nelly Furtado
  • Fight for Love: 54-40
  • Stove/Smother: Sloan
  • Safety Dance: Men Without Hats
  • Down by the Rio Grande: Cajun Ramblers
  • We Built Another World: Wolf Parade
  • Reunion: Stars
  • One Night Love Affair: Bryan Adams
  • Rise Up: Parachute Club
  • Everybody Knows This is Nowhere: Neil Young

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