Dear Scientists

I've noticed that you have been working on some interesting new drugs and procedures, dear scientists. Now I don't have to ovulate more than 4 times a year, and I can control what kind of cholesterol my liver makes, if any. Plus I can have my eyes shaved with a laser! And all of these convenient procedures are so new that nobody knows the long-term effects! But I would like to make one suggestion. I have been bothered a lot by my fingernails. They keep growing and I keep having to cut them. I'm thinking if I could stop their growth voluntarily, it would save me a lot of time in life. Time I could spend doing other, more important things. Please let me know about your plans for making fingernail retardant, dear scientists. Who is working on this? Hurry up, if possible. Thanks. Prof. K.

Last week's radio show was robot and outer space music. Here's the list:
  • Knight Rider theme
  • batteries (can't help me now): Figurine
  • I've Been Hittin' on a Russian Robot: Boris the Sprinkler
  • Space Oddity: David Bowie
  • Intergalactic: Beastie Boys
  • Evil Robots Underground: Flash-C
  • Escaping the Game Grid: Technicolor
  • Mr. Roboto: Styx
  • Rocket Patrol: Mathlete
  • Cellphone's Dead: Beck
  • Mobira: Printed Circuit
  • Proto Eleven: The Elevator Drops
  • Aging Astronauts II: Mary Timony
  • Otra Dimension: La Monja Enana
  • Space Base: Laika & the Cosmonauts

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