G@# d%$# it!

No more poetry-quoting. Begorrah. I have taken to using fake swear words. Or whatever it's called when you say "darn" instead of "damn." I am finding them much more amusing and satisfying than real swears, in most cases. (Though there is still one word that I can't find a substitute for, as it's such a satisfying way to express my ANGER in one little syllable.) Here are some I like: crikey, crumbs, rats, drat, SHOOT!, motherflipper, garrrrrr, goshdarn, and my favorite, "fudge cakes!"

Here's Beef Jerky Time from last week (3/14/07). A little chunk by Japanese artists in there. (From * to **) I feel like this was a better show than the last as I wasn't bloody sick. (Ah yes, "bloody" is another good one!)

  • Fall Guy theme
  • Snow (Hey Oh): Red Hot Chili Peppers
  • Idlewild Blue: Outkast
  • Cosmic Rays: Helium
  • Take Me Out: Franz Ferdinand
  • Limbo: Throwing Muses
  • Fluorescent: Gwen Stefani
  • Back on Me: Urge Overkill
  • Luck of the Irish: Shonen Knife*
  • Everybody Knows: 800 Cherries
  • Kahimi au Telephone: Kahimi Karie
  • Never/More: Takako Minekawa
  • New Rock: Buffalo Daughter**
  • I Can't Sleep: The La's
  • Curragh of Kildare: Bert Jansch

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