Failure to Shop

Recently I received a small tax refund. (Thank you, deductions!) I wisely put about 55% of it into savings. But I wanted to take the rest and SPLURGE, man! Just because I suffer from a shopping disability doesn't mean I can't keep trying! (This disability manifests as stultifying indecision and anxiety when presented with more than about 5 choices... or 5 stores... or more than 5 minutes in a store that has more than 5 choices.) So I asked my family to accompany me to the mall. It's an adventure--a drive of about an hour and in a different state.

I was so sure I'd make it this time, and come away with tens of dollars of new duds and a whole new style. I did some research by reading "Lucky: The Magazine about shopping." I figured what I needed was layers, A-line knee-length skirts, lace accents, grays and greens and creams with maybe some splashes of color. A New Look silhouette with some gauzy bits and tailored bits. Simple, eh? Except I was not so lucky after all. I just can't shop! I need to have all items presented to me personally by knowledgeable and slightly stuck-up sales people. I'm incapable of sifting through things by myself. I lost momentum after the 2nd store I went to--Banana Republic--and bought only 1 thing in the course of 3 hours. It was a nice camisole however, so that's a layer that's lacy and fulfills 2 of my criteria in 1 piece.

Fortunately it all turned out for the best. I'd forgotten I owed a big chunk of a medical bill, and that I would need to buy some new tires at the end of snow-tire season. I'll have just enough money left over from my camisole purchase to afford these things. Thank you "failure to shop"!

Here's the playlist from last week's (4/11/07) Beef Jerky Time.
  • Charles in Charge theme
  • Incredibly Drunk on Whiskey: Memphis
  • Take a Chance on Me: Abba
  • Candylion: Gruff Rhys
  • Was a Sunny Day: Paul Simon
  • Ping Island/Lightning Strike Rescue Op: Mark Mothersbaugh (Life Aquatic s/t)
  • Destroy Everything You Touch: Ladytron
  • Don't You Want Me: Human League
  • Fat Children: Jarvis Cocker
  • Maneater: Nelly Furtado
  • MechaMania Boy: Devo
  • Tea for the Tillerman: Cat Stevens
  • Rehab: Amy Winehouse
  • Step Aside: Tobias Hellkvist

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