No show tonight: April snow!

Dear listeners, if you are tuning in to to hear me today, 4/4/07, my sincere apologies! I'm staying safe at home on a grisly slushy night. Presumably my last "bad weather" excuse of the season though. Please tune in next week for some songs of spring, dance music, strange electronic noises, all the usual treats.

Here's last week's playlist, while I'm at it. Keep it cozy and tuned to WVEW, mates!

  • The Benny Hill Show theme
  • Always Stuck with Leaving: Japancakes
  • Ballad of Maxwell Demon: Shudder to Think
  • The Only Man in Town: Moose
  • You Can't Push Me Away: The Sinking Ships
  • Roller King: California Oranges
  • End of the Day: Beck
  • Within You Without You: Beatles
  • The Casio Fight Song: David Shouse and the Bloodthirsty Lovers
  • Drivin' Thru My Heart: The Donnas
  • Tele-fone: Godzuki
  • Knock 'Em Out: Lily Allen
  • Around the World: Daft Punk
  • Marilu: Serge Gainsbourg
  • Why Do You Have So Much Fun Without Me?: Barcelona
  • edit: hollAnd

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