Changing my mind

Ever noticed when you argue with somebody about politics or music you rarely ever change their mind? And yet whenever I try it I am so FERVENT and really act like there's some hope that my brilliant rationale will make the other person say, "Oh my goodness, you are completely right! What a fool I am! I find that I totally agree with you!" Oddly, this has never happened to me in all my years of heartfelt arguing. So next I wonder, do people ever change their minds at all? When was the last time you changed yours? I have forged about in my lumber-room mind and found there are a few things I've flip-flopped on. For instance:

Kate Winslet
: Back around Titanic and before, La Winslet annoyed me. As I have told many, "she looked like she smelled like milk." However sometime around Holy Smoke and her speaking out about being airbrushed to look thinner, I changed my mind. Now I LOVE Kate Winslet! She is so rockin'. Also poppin'.

Beer: For many years I devoted my spare time to the study of beer, mainly through its consumption. I liked all kinds and had revolving favorites. I even tried my hand at home-brewing. But lately I have lost my taste for it... it's just... bilious. Sometimes a cold one is nice on a hot afternoon or to relax after work. But basically, bleh.

Tom Cruise & Brad Pitt: Used to think they were cute in the 80s and 90s respectively. Now I think they're wierdo jerks. (Main reasons: crazy couch-jumping and wife-leaving, respectively. Guess I'm Team Aniston.)

Kale: This used to be the worst nastiest vegetable anybody could serve me. Worse than parsnips or mangelwurzels or celery pulp or creamed escarole or other icky greens and roots and stuff. But now? Kale is my fave food! It's so healthy-looking and healthy-tasting and full o goodness, like vitamin K and iron and whatnot. Bring it on. Kale has not changed, but I have changed for kale.

So think about it... have you changed your mind, even about something small like kale? That's a start!

Here's last week's Beef Jerky Time playlist (6/20/07). Theme should be obvious I think.
  • Price is Right theme
  • So Nice (Summer Samba): Astrud Gilberto & Walter Wanderley
  • Summer Song: Chad & Jeremy
  • Summer Song: James Yorkston
  • Summer Heat: Bert Jansch
  • Children of Summer: Color Filter
  • Endless Summer: Follow the Train
  • We're Gonna Save the Summer: The Pearlfishers
  • Hung Up with Summer: Big Star
  • Cruel Summer: Bananarama
  • Summer Breeze: Seals & Crofts
  • Summertime: Kenny Chesney
  • Summer Wind: Frank Sinatra
  • Bummer in the Summer: Love
  • theme from "Endless Summer": Laika and the Cosmonauts

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